I am taking part in a 7k Mud Challenge in March 2017. I am doing this to raise much needed fund for Cherry Trees. I have worked for Cherry Trees for just over two years now as a carer and as part of the fundraising team.
Cherry Trees is an amazing Charity that provides home from home short breaks for children and young people with disabilities.
Cherry Trees realize that children are best looked after at home. However, because of their complex special needs the young people require very expert care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its not surprising that from time to time both them and their families need a break. Cherry Trees does not only provides these young people with opportunities to participate in a range of activities that they may not usually be able to access, but also provides a welcome break for parents/carers and siblings.

I am not particularly an active person and i have never done a challenge like this before. I have never even ran 100 feet let alone 7k but i am going to train for the next 3 months and work hard to push myself to complete this task! I will be documenting my progress leading up to this event from all the training and practice right the way through to the final event.


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