4 Days to go!

I’ve got just 4 days to go until this crazy challenge.

I am not prepared but it will be absolutely fine. I keep watching videos and looking at pictures of past Nuts Challenges and all i can do is laugh because it is mental there is legit so much mud! what is up with that?

Starting to think this was a bit of a bad idea!

I am hitting the gym tonight and i am going to attempt to run a full 7km on the treadmill! If i cant do it i am a little bit screwed.

Just an updated for those of you that are interested as well I have a full bright pink attire for event day. Black and Pink Leggings, bright pink long sleeved top to wear under my lovely white CT t-shirt and bright pink trainers, i know they will all come out covered in mud but its nice to look pretty at the start! Also because i have very poor eyesight i have decided to wear my contact lenses on event day paired lovely pink googles. Its safe to say im going to be looking pretty fierce!


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