My Horrid Discovery

So, the other day i was going through The Nuts Challenge Facebook page just to see what kind of things i would have to face on race day. Now i am aware that this is a MUD run and i am aware that i will get a little bit dirty. Now i was not and am not prepared for this.


This my friends is absolutely horrific and my absolute worst nightmare!

I am not a fan of getting my face or hair dirty and if i end up looking like this i think i might cry. I’ve never been one for mud even as a child i did not make mud pies or jump in puddles! Its not me. I knew i would get a bit dirty in this run and i had mentally prepared myself for that!
So, I have decided my aim to be get round the course as clean as humanly possible, I have also been testing different make up setting sprays so that my face stays beautiful the entire run!
If anyone has any tips or advice for me after seeing this picture do let me know in the comments!

I Understand i have underestimated the severity of this challenge. But there is no going back now, Id appreciate some kind words of advice to get me through!

Many Thanks 🙂


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