Next Adventure

So, i haven’t even completed this challenge yet but…

I am already thinking ahead past this run to my next one, i think i’ve caught a running bug, and i don’t really even know if i enjoy it yet!

I have seen a few of these about and they look absolutely insane and so much fun! i figure as well it will be a lot easier than a mud run with horrid obstacles and a lot less pain!

So are you ready…

My next running adventure will most probably happen and it will be a

Drum Roll please….



It is only a 5km. I say only thats still quite a long distance for me but the mud run is 7km so i feel this will be a walk in the park, or run 😉 hahaha!
I’m looking at doing it in June, so the weather should be a lot nicer the conditions will be easier to run in and it should be a lot of fun! if anyone wants to join me on my next adventure comment below!
So training will continue even after this mud run and i will confirm that im actually doing it if this first challenge hasnt put me off running entirely!


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