Week one of training

So i started my training on Monday.

Quick update i didnt make it to military bootcamp fitness because i was getting my hair done and i got the days mixed up. oops. i am going to try and go this week though.

Anyway, I went into the dreaded gym on Monday, got on the treadmill and ran 3km it did take me a while i wont lie, i completed 3km in 28 minutes. But hey its a start right?

I am going to slowly up the distance week by week by half a km until 2 weeks before the event where i will up it by 1km so i will hopefully be able to run 7km! Wooo!

I am going running every other day as it is early days and i dont want to over do it get injured and then not be able to take part in the challenge. Everyday i am not running i will still be going to the gym to do other stuff like the cross trainer the bike or rowing, or maybe even a light swim.

If anyone wants to help me train or just train and get a bit fitter with me let me know! im down for that!

Any way here is the rest of the team if you would like to join us in this challenge comment and let me know! or email me on fundraisingsupport@cherry-trees.co.uk for more info!

Fundraising Team Nuts Challenge.jpg


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